The Cameron Brooks Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids and their familes that are affected by brain tumors. This foundation was created in response to the many wonderful people we know and have met; their empathy and compassionate desire to do what ever they can. We know that this is not just about Cameron; our misfortune has enlightened our awareness to a need, not just for a cure for cancer, but support through cancer.

The foundation goals are to:

  • increase awareness about Pediatric Brain Tumors and other childhood cancers
  • raise money for fund worthy causes and assist other support organizations with their efforts
  • have fund raisers that support a sense of community; and enhance and nurture family bonds and friendships

Our Structure

Carla Brooks, President,

Maria Bloom, Vice President

Janel Simpson, Treasurer

Laura Surowiec, Secretary

Fundraising Directors/Committee

Laury Currier

Chris Griffin

Barbara Seiber

Lori Warhaftig


Medical Advisory Board

Sharon Tan Chen


Web/ Computer Technicians

Ian Warhaftig

Marah Warhaftig


Teen Outreach Director

Charli Brooks